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Artwork Information

  • Born in Cuba/Lives and Works in Miami
  • Rojo..Sobre Mi, 2019
  • Oil and Mix Technique on Canvas
  • 20” x 48”

Artist Statement

Expressionist figurations of character gestures where the figurative element only asks to suggest in broad strokes the imprint of a whole series of emotional and/or existential states where the emotional conflict is the preponderant basis of the inner dialogue of the human being and its social, spiritual, religious behavior, moral, legal, political etc., configure the personality and/or disorder or ethical order of human behavior and personality.

Where the stain, the dripping and the atmosphere of the element or elements as the main form of the gesture, it only asks to suggest the purest INSTROSPECTION of an artistic discourse giving way to an intimate message, which only tries to invoke an intimate emotional state of the personality human, evoked in stringed musical instruments, or in human figures.

About the Artist
Vladimir Magriña is a Cuban born and Miami based visual artist.

Born: 1962 in “La Ceiba” Marianao, Playa, Havana, Cuba.

1975-78- Graduated in Artistic Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, Fine Elemental plastic and visual arts “José Antonio Diaz Peláez 23 y C ) ,Vedado , Havana , Cuba .

1984-85 – Graduate of the Academy of Fine Plastic and Visual Arts “San Alejandro”, Havana, Cuba.

1985-98- Professor of Artistic Drawing and Painting Shops of free artistic creation and Head of the Chair of Artistic Drawing , Elemental School of Fine plastic and visual arts ” José Antonio Diaz Peláez.” (23 C) Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

1998-2003- Hired by the Art Gallery ” Victor Manuel ‘ in Havana, Cuba

2004- January- emigrated to the United States of America with his wife and daughter. First arriving in Buffalo, NY and later in Hialeah,FL.


2017- International Women’s Day Art Exhibit, North Miami Beach, Miami FL.

2017- Jose Marti in Honor of Cuba’s Poet & Hero, Art Exhibit.

Milander Center for Arts and Entertainmet.Hialeah FL,

2015- “Berry Basel Party “The Gallery at OAK forest, North Miami Beach, Miami FL.

2015-…The Color”. MKN Gallery, Sweden.

2014- “In side”. Personal art show MKN Gallery, Sweden

2013- “The Color” Dayami Gallery, Sweden.

2011- “The Fall” Deyamaris Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2010- “The Fall of the Angel” Deya Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2008- “The Friends” The Art Gallery, Argentina.

2006- “The Friends III” The Art Gallery, Argentina.

2005 – “Angels and Demons”, Art Gallery Rouge International (paintings)

Coral Gables Miami, FL, USA.

2004 – “Karples Manuscript Library “, (paintings), Buffalo, NY.

2004 – “Introspection” (Painting) Gallery “thinking of you “Buffalo, NY.

2002 – ”spasms … for a Bitter Knight Havana”

(Paints), Foundation “Araguaney “Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

2002 – “Soul of a Knight of Havana. “(Paintings) Hotel Meliá” Seven Crowns” . Murcia, Spain.

2002- Magriña ‘, Exhibition of paintings at Gallery stumble, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

2000 – “Interior Countenance” (drawings) Benito Juarez Gallery, Old Havana, Cuba.

1997 – “Introspection” personal painting exhibition, Gallery “Emir Abdel Kader” Arab Union of Cuba, Havana.

1988 – “Paintings and Drawings ” Communal House Culture Playa, Havana, Cuba.

1987 – “Paintings ” gallery Casa de Cultura Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

1986 – “Versions and Abstractions ” (paintings) of the Young Creator House Gallery, Old Havana, Cuba.


2002 – Gallery “TOPAS”, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

2000 – “Leap of Heights” Exhibition of paintings , Hotel “Florida” , Old Havana , Cuba , Organized by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets ( FCBC ) and Gallery ” Victor Emmanuel ” .

1998 – “Sea Plan” (painting) Cultural Project in the autonomous community of Extremadura, Spain.

1997 – “In Spite of Memory ” ( paintings ) Elementary School of Fine Arts Fine , ” José Antonio Diaz Peláez ” within the framework of the Havana Biennial . Havana, Cuba.

1997 – “Forbidden Pleasure” (small format drawings) Gallery “Marcos” Cuban Management Property Fund (BCF)

1997 – “Tributes” (drawing) Gallery “Thalia” Vedado, Havana City, Cuba.

1996 – “New Faculty Exhibition”, Experimental Center for the Visual Arts Visual, “José Antonio Diaz Peláez, “Havana, Cuba.

1995 – “Paintings” Casa Carmen Montilla, Havana, Cuba.

1995 – “Space in Space” (cartoon) Havana, Cuba.

1995 – “Teachers” (paintings) Gallery “23 C” Havana, Cuba.

1994 – “Casual Teacher” Gallery ” 23 C” City of Havana, Cuba.

1993 – “The Phases of the Moon” sample of teachers, Gallery “23 C”, Havana, Cuba.

1989 – Paintings Gallery “23 C”, Havana, Cuba.

1988 -Drawings Culture House Playa, Havana, Cuba.

1987 – “Sample” Culture House Gallery Playa, Havana, Cuba.

1986 – ” Eduardo Abela group” (drawings) Gallery “Bauta”, Havana, Cuba

1986 – “Group Abela” Gallery “Marianao” Havana, Cuba.

1986 – “Salon Teachers” Gallery ” 23 C” Havana, Cuba.

1986 – “Salon IV Provincial Small Format “Gallery “Thalia”, Havana, Cuba.

1985 – “Workshop Eduardo Abela ” Gallery ” Wilfredo Lam”, Havana, Cuba.


2000 Award – 3cer paint IX International Biennial of Sacred Art Museum “Claude Leon Sempere,” Argentina.

1998 – First Mention in Drawing, with the work:

” .. When a friend leaves. (Pencil / paper.) National Visual Arts Competition and plastic “March 13

“Thalia Gallery. Havana, Cuba.

1997 – Finalist (Painting, Artwork. Interrupted Communication ” Diptych oil / canvas) National Competition

Plastic and visual “March 13” arts gallery Thalia “, Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

1996 – Works Private Collection Hotel, “Habana Libre Trip”, Havana, Cuba.

1996 – Works in Private Collection Hotel “Arenas Blanca’s ” , Varadero , Matanzas City , Cuba .

1994 – Works in Private Collection Protocols Casas Firm “Seagull”, Cuba.

1987-86 – Finalist (Painting) National Contest of Plastic and Visual Arts “March 13 “, Thalía Gallery, Havana, Cuba

1987 – Various cultural programs interviews

Radials “Direct Direct,” “Young Values ​​”, etc. Careful of Havana, Cuba.

1986 – First Prize (Painting), competition landscape “Cajio “the essay.” Cajio anger ” (triptych / canvas “) Havana, Cuba.

Joint 1986 – Developed by two Murals works with the master Heriberto Manero, manufactures Cuban paper, Havana, Cuba.

1986 – Member of Court of Graduations at the Academy of Fine ARTS Fine ” San Alejandro” , Havana, Cuba .

1986-87 Artist -88- thesis advisor graduation of students from Schools of Fine Arts ” San Alejandro” , Havana , Cuba .

1986 – Director of the research Exhibitor ” Arts Workshop ” Abela ” ( Heriberto Manero ) , in the Second Biennial Literature ” Eduardo Abela . ” San Antonio de los Baños, Havana, Cuba.

His works are located in different private and public collections in over 25 countries.


-Work (drawing) Private Collection, Havana Club International SA Gallery Pernour Richard Group. Havana, Cuba.

– “… ROLLING RETURNS, TIME AND YEARS” (oil / canvas) Hotel Meliá Seven Crowns, Murcia, Spain.

– “THE CRAZY” (acrylic / canvas.) Private collection Araguaney Foundation, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Other collections in : Italy, Germany, Argentina, Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Ireland, England, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, etc.

-Drawings, Paintings, Criticisms, Reviews and Interviews to work the artist have been published in various Magazines

Specialized in various countries. Argentina ” in One Magazine ” March-April , 1999 , interview on ” Newsletter, Hefame Group, April 2002, #217, Spain.

– Publishing newspaper “THE TRUTH” (June 14, 2002) Murcia, Spain.

– Publication in the newspaper “El Correo Gallego” (February 15, 2002), Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

– Publication in the newspaper “Voice of Galicia “(February 14, 2002)

Cultural Magazine – Publishing “Art voice “(May 20 – May 26, 2004) # 21, Buffalo, NY.

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