Omar Corrales Mora
Omar Corrales Mora

Omar Corrales Mora was born in Havana, Cuba and graduated from the Academia de Artes Plásticas San Alejandro, specializing in painting, engraving and sculpture. Omar also worked as a professor of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) along with the famous Armando Suarez del Villar.

Since 1989 Omar has worked on stage sets for different entities such as the National Ballet of Cuba, The Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industries (ICAIC), The National Opera of Cuba, The Martinique Ballet, The Victor Ullate Ballet, The ProDanza Center, The Jazz Plaza Festival, The National Circus of Cuba, UNEAC, Boleros de Oro, among many more.

Omar has taught numerous courses, workshops and conferences in Cuba, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. His works have been exhibited in important galleries and museums in Cuba and the world. Winner of the Salón de la Ciudad award and 2nd place in Salón Juvenil. His permanent exhibit is at the Futurama Art Bilding in Little Havana.

Artworks by Omar Corrales Mora

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