William Chavez
William Chavez

William Chavez was born on April 2, 1966 in Guira de Melena, Havana. Cuba Painter, engraver and self-taught craftsman. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, he is linked to the Cuban fund of cultural goods and to the national registry of the creator of plastic arts. To mention some awards, we have: 1984 – Provincial Cajío Landscape Meeting Awards. In the event held in 1980 of which he is founder, he was awarded from 1984 to 2000 almost consecutively. He has been playing the theme of landscape for years with different techniques of painting, engraving and drawing. He took great importance in events held in important halls of Havana where he was awarded in 1993 the Prize awarded by the UNEAC entitled “fables”. He was selected in 1993 to be part of the first collection of Grafica Cubana in Germany, after being selected in the national engraving hall by the LUDWING Foundation and by the collectors SCHREINER and PETER LUDWING. In 1999 he received the award for the first setting room “My Elegant Havana” taking the title “Gray Legend”; This award was awarded by the Maimieri plastic arts materials firm and sponsored by the BFC.

In 1993 he donated a series of linoleum prints to the Casa de las Américas funds, which later became part of the “Nuestra América” collection. In his work with the BFC and the UNEAC, he has participated in mural projects and settings in tourist pole places, related to the education of the nickel industry and community projects. He has collaborations with the publishing house La Puerta de Papel, with illustrations and drawings of the books: En Busca del Unicornio, Beso que Rueda en la Sombra, Los Premios Habaneros of 1991, among others. He has work in important places in Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, USA, Colombia, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

From its beginnings until 2008, he has contributed to the formation of the amateur movement of the Guira de Melena Municipality, from which artists have been integrated into the cultural and plastic life of the country. Since its inception to date, he has participated and organized in group and personal exhibitions for the week of Cuban culture and Guirian culture, participating in the assembly and curation of the works selected and also in the conception of catalogs.
From 2003 to 2008 he has contributed in the field of teaching to the preparation for admission to middle schools and visual arts instructors March 13 and Eduardo Abela Villarreal from San Antonio de los Baños. In 2006 he took an exhibition with the title ´´The footprint of the beasts´ series 2 in the model of Havana Miramar city of Havana.
In 2003 he illustrated the poetry book “2000 years after Christ” by the poet Ariel Alfonso with the cover and interior illustrations with the technique, ink drawing on cardboard.

In 2006 he was part of the collection of the visual arts promoter gallery “10/10”, located in the DF, Mexico City and owned by the gallery owner Norman Valdavid. Later in 2007 he began a promotion on the Internet of the series of works “The action of time” with a number of 130 works.

Artist Statement
For me, the plastic arts are my sense of life, it is the way of representing and conceptualizing situations of a human nature, through elements, tools and symbols, which with the help of design, composition and color make persecution possible through of the senses, mainly the view of events, sensations and emotions that man has had through life. Each artist over time creates his own personal universe that differentiates him from the rest and in my case, I try to reflect my inner self in each work, of course, is a consequence of the environment that surrounds us or a kind of visual translation, where the artist becomes the bridge between the work and the viewer.

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