Vladimir Magriña
Vladimir Magriña

Vladimir Magriña is a Cuban born and Miami based visual artist.Expressionist figurations of character gestures where the figurative element only asks to suggest in broad strokes the imprint of a whole series of emotional and/or existential states where the emotional conflict is the preponderant basis of the inner dialogue of the human
being and its social, spiritual, religious behavior, moral, legal, political etc., configure the personality and/or disorder or ethical order of human behavior and personality.
Where the stain, the dripping and the atmosphere of the element or elements as the main form of the gesture, it only asks to suggest the purest INSTROSPECTION of an artistic discourse giving way to an intimate message, which only tries to invoke an intimate emotional state of the personality human, evoked in stringed musical instruments, or in human figures.

Artworks by Vladimir Magriña

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