Deiby Canovas

Deiby Canovas is a self-taught painter born in 1971 in Artemisa, Cuba. The genesis of his artistic passion began as a young child growing up amidst oils, brushes but most significantly under the guidance of his Father, also a painter, who encouraged him to explore styles such as Cubism and Surrealism among others. Canovas studied… Continue reading Deiby Canovas

Abel Quintero Fuentes

ABEL QUINTERO FUENTES is a Cuban American artist. He was born in the countryside of Havana, and grew up caressed by the sound of his mother singing Cuban folkloric songs known as “Décimas”. Abel’s literary thirst and admiration for his rich Cuban culture provide the perfect platform for the development of his unique style, as… Continue reading Abel Quintero Fuentes

William Chavez

William Chavez was born on April 2, 1966 in Guira de Melena, Havana. Cuba Painter, engraver and self-taught craftsman. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, he is linked to the Cuban fund of cultural goods and to the national registry of the creator of plastic arts. To mention some awards,… Continue reading William Chavez

Vladimir Magriña

Vladimir Magriña is a Cuban born and Miami based visual artist.Expressionist figurations of character gestures where the figurative element only asks to suggest in broad strokes the imprint of a whole series of emotional and/or existential states where the emotional conflict is the preponderant basis of the inner dialogue of the human being and its… Continue reading Vladimir Magriña

Omar Corrales Mora

Omar Corrales Mora was born in Havana, Cuba and graduated from the Academia de Artes Plásticas San Alejandro, specializing in painting, engraving and sculpture. Omar also worked as a professor of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) along with the famous Armando Suarez del Villar. Since 1989 Omar has worked on stage sets for different… Continue reading Omar Corrales Mora

Lazaro Reinier Tamayo

He was born on March 23, 1992 in the city of Quivicán, Mayabeque, Cuba. Plastic artist, cartoonist, sculptor, painter, and set designer. His work discourses within expressionism and magical surrealism addressing issues of the Cuban landscape within the contemporaneity of the contemporaneity of the island.

Juan T. Vasquez

Lived and worked in Havana, died in Miami. This artist is listed among the Cuban Painters masters. An exceptional prolific abstract painter with a refine style of paint, creativity and cultivated technique. Painter, founder and director of art schools and galleries, teacher of drawing and painting, he was an artist who travelled the world for… Continue reading Juan T. Vasquez

Bladimir Gonzalez

Dimas Bladimir González Linares is an Artemiseño who transformed into images some of the main books published in Cuba for the enjoyment of children and young people such as Sandokan, Once upon a time… and La flauta de chocolate, sure that drawing is one of the best forms of tell. Born in 1946 in Alquízar… Continue reading Bladimir Gonzalez

Arnaldo Simon

Arnaldo Simon is a Cuban born and Miami based visual artist. He had an architectural degree in University of Havana, Cuba and had worked for more than a decade as graphic designer for magazines such as Glamour and Newsweek and for el Nuevo Herald newspaper in Miami. Artist Statement “My work is based on the deconstruction… Continue reading Arnaldo Simon

Anabel Ruiz

Anabel was born in La Habana, Cuba, in 1974, in a Cuba that was picturesque, quirky and resourceful – a Cuba that laughed through the pain – characteristics that are reflected in her own persona. Her family left Cuba for Spain when she was 9, and there her father secured a scholarship for her to… Continue reading Anabel Ruiz